Acharya Dr Chintamani Rath M.Com., LL.M., Ph.D. (Music)
Violinist - Indian & Western Classical Music
Performer, Composer, Teacher & Musicologist
The man who has played for ...

- His Holiness the late Pope John Paul II

- His Excellency the late President of India Giani Zail Singh

- His Excellency the late Governor of West Bengal Shri Nurul Islam

- Former British MP the Rt. Hon'ble Virginia Bottomley at the British Council, London

- the Director of the London School of Economics Dr Anthony Giddens and LSE Alumni from around the world

- the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, Faculty, Staff and Students of Jadavpur University, Kolkata

... and on many other prestigious occasions, public concerts, radio and television recitals, and more

and ...

- has recorded for the former Prime Minister of England Mr. John Major ... among others

and ...

... has lectured at many august institutions, published and presented papers at several major seminars
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